Daniel Vogel

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Status Quo

Currently I am working as Managing Director at concept one GmbH, aa specialist for strategic marketing issues.

Working Experience

My experiences in the field of Marketing and PR is based on activities at the following companies:

  • ACO Passavant GmbH, Philippsthal (Germany): Marketing
  • Siemens Kolejova vozidla, Prag (Czech Rep.): Corporate Communications and Marketing
  • Deutsche Botschaft, Prag (Czech Rep.): Referat Wirtschaft
  • Eve Trakway GmbH, Heilbronn (Germany): Marketing und PR
  • AMD - Advanced Micro Devices GmbH, Munich (Germany): Public Relations Department
  • dvits.com media: Entrepreneurship


  • Graduate in Media Management (Studies at University of Applied Sciences Mittweida, Germany)


  • distinct interest in economics and politics
  • language abilities in German (mother tongue), English (very good), French (good), Spanish (basics) and Czech (basics)
  • leadership qualities